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An Upskilling Platform Playing A Vital Role In Bridging The Skill Gap In India

Unemployment is a critical issue affecting any nation's economic and social fabric

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Unemployment is a critical issue affecting any nation's economic and social fabric. In India, a country of over 1.3 billion people, unemployment poses a significant challenge. Despite remarkable economic growth in recent years, India continues to grapple with high levels of joblessness. The unemployment rate in India was 8.11% in April 2023, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE). This is the highest unemployment rate in India since September 2016. 

An Alarming Employment Scenario in India
The current period of economic slowdown is significantly impacting job creation. Moreover, firms reduce their workforce when economic activity is low and unemployment rises. Thus far, Nearly 2 lakh tech workers have lost jobs in 2023, which is not the end.

In addition, technological advancements and automation have disrupted traditional job roles in various industries. Many companies are adopting automated processes, leading to reduced demand for manual labor and exacerbating the unemployment situation. India also has a significant proportion of job seekers who lack the skills and qualifications demanded by the job market. 

Upskilling: The Need of the Hour for India
While India has the largest number of engineers graduating yearly, there is a constant shortage of skilled workforce in the Indian business. According to India Skills Report 2022 by Wheebox, only 48.7% of the total youth in India is employable. This means almost 1 out 2 Indian youths are not employable. 

There are many causes of unemployment in India, but the most significant of all reasons is the disparity between the skills of graduates and those required by employers. The curriculum in many educational institutions often lacks practical, industry-oriented training and focuses more on theoretical knowledge. As a result, graduates find it challenging to transition smoothly into the workforce and meet the specific skill requirements of employers.

In this era of rapid technological advancements and evolving industry landscapes, information technology, data mining, machine learning, and automation require specialised skills that traditional educational institutions may not offer. To address this pressing issue, an online upskilling platform has emerged with a mission to bridge the skill gap by providing individuals with the necessary technical skills and industry-relevant knowledge. 

Empowering Careers through Upskilling
As the world gradually embraces online education, the industry has welcomed candidates without traditional degrees. This shift in perspective stems from recognising that while conventional degrees are essential, they may not always indicate expertise.

For young professionals, achieving career advancement can seem daunting if they do not continuously reskill or upskill themselves to align with industry standards. This is where Bootcamps and other online certification courses become relevant in Indian education.

To address this pressing issue of the skill gap, OdinSchool was launched on May 24, 2021. OdinSchool's industry-aligned Bootcamps empower professionals to establish, re-launch, and expand their careers by providing sector-specific education and guidance from industry experts. 

Training Fresh Graduates, Working Professionals, and Mothers Rejoining Workforce
OdinSchool is gaining recognition as a leading provider of tech bootcamps, producing top talent for the industry. Through collaborations with over 500+ companies such as PesiCo, Capgemini, Cotiviti, Indegene, Sutherland, Prolifics, etc., it provides graduates and working professionals with unlimited job opportunities. They also have a Student Success Team that closely monitors the development of each student and provides individualised support as needed. And they also offer scholarships.

Recent college graduates and working professionals with various educational backgrounds, such as B.Com or Civil engineering, have experienced successful career relaunches. Notably, the platform has been instrumental in assisting many mothers who took extended breaks of up to 16 years to raise their families, helping them strengthen their careers through expert coaching. You can explore the career success stories of OdinSchool’s graduates on the website.

Final Thoughts
Closing the skill gap in India is of utmost importance to unlock the country's full economic potential and ensure the availability of a skilled and capable workforce. By aligning education and training with industry needs, promoting a culture of lifelong learning, and supporting skill development programs, India can make significant progress in narrowing the skill gap.

As professionals in India embrace and transform with technology, they have an excellent opportunity to reshape their careers and explore new avenues in the twenty-first-century industry. Online upskilling platforms like OdinSchool have emerged as prominent providers of job-aligned courses that equip professionals with the necessary skills to thrive in today's competitive job market. 

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